Tomoko Nakamura
Yoga Teacher, Japan

プラシャン先生の Liveに毎日参加しています。毎日、実に様々なテクニックを用いて、ガイドして下さり、自分の中に、たくさんの気づきや変化が起こっているのを感じます。また、プラクティス後の短いお話が、簡潔だけれども、心に残り、ヨガの最中のみならず、生活の中でも気づきを与えてくれて、蓄積されているように思います。ヨガや瞑想の初心者から経験者まで、幅広く参加できるよう、やさしく丁寧なガイドかつ、無理のない動きがほとんどです。プラクティスを求める生徒たちに、伝わり易い方法を常に模索し、叡智をシェアしてくださるプラシャン先生に心から感謝しています。

I have been joining Prashant’s online Live almost everyday. Each and every day, he guides us with various techniques which bring me lots of awareness and changes in my body, mind and emotion. His short talk after the practice is simple yet haunting words which live inside of me even in the daily life. Prashant’s guidance is gentle and kind. Movements are simple and not hard. It can be widely accepted from beginners to constant practitioners. He always seeks the better way for the students to grow. I really appreciate Prashant for sharing the wisdom.

Yoga Teacher, Singapore

我的名字叫Ivy,目前我生活在新加坡。今年因为疫情我们不得不呆在家里,但是也给了我一个很好的机会,每天早上跟着我的瑜伽导师Prashant 练习瑜伽,这是一个十分值得学习的一系列课程,老师不仅分享他丰富的瑜伽哲学理念,而且无私的奉献他所有的知识,比如瑜伽动态冥想,瑜伽脉轮的冥想,身体微循环的运动~~~真的感恩。

My name is Ivy and I am living in Singapore. This year we had to stay at home because of virus. But it also gave me a good opportunity to practice with my yoga master Prashant every morning. The series of courses are worth learning. Ny master is not only sharing his richest philosophy of yoga, but also selflessly shared all his knowledge to us. such as yoga dynamic meditation, yoga chakra meditation, body micro circulation movement ~ ~ ~ truly Appreciated.

Nicole Jonas
Insight Out of Chaos Miami, Florida, USA
Vice President & Co-Founder

i met prashant in miami when he led a special chakra workshop a couple years ago.

during lock-down we reconnected on instagram live and now he is my teacher.

many of prashant’s meditation lessons have been recorded on IGTV video.
you can focus by meditation style: guided, standing, mantra, dynamic, chakra.
or you could go all the way back to the first recording.

meditation class with prashant is challenging and fun !
each one is about an hour.
usually the format is a brief introduction, the meditation practice, and then a recap.
the emphasis is to enjoy and go with the flow.

prashant teaches with clear instructions and demonstrations.
his voice is beautiful.
a speaker works well, especially during mantra meditations.

i have noticed many changes…

the range of motion in my neck has GREATLY increased.
this has been noticed and mentioned to me !

my capacity to breathe has GREATLY increased.
at the start of lock-down my spinning studio brought a bike to my apartment, which i ride in my dining room.
i am able to do much more physically because of my breath.

my embrace of emotions has GREATLY increased.
i notice right away when i feel tense or upset.
i am able to use my breath for comfort.
and i’m more aware of the sweetness of life.