Total Bliss Every Moment with Prashant

(Founder of Ancient Yoga Academy)
Ayurveda Authority, Yoga Therapist, Mantra & Spiritual Healer

Prashant’s sessions are based on the ancient Yoga, Ayurveda, Tattva, Siddha Science, one of the oldest known systems to mankind, that recognizes the human body and nature as part of one closed system.
Also, the practice involves the process or journey that takes from mere physical exercises to a more subtle plane.
Prashant empowers the participant to embark on an active lifestyle of self-care, raising self-awareness and providing a holistic understanding of body and mind including Ayurvedic diet plan if needed.
  • Life hacks, reduce the noise, relax your body, mind, emotions
  • Breathe & move & meditate, harmonize your energy
  • Activate your neurons, discuss philosophy
  • Explore Ayurveda, attend to the body, share time with friends
  • Expand and enjoy with Prashant

Total Bliss Every Moment Agreements

This is my commitment to you…
With my best effort I will bring ancient teachings and scriptures and practices to you in a way that relates to modern living.
  • I will observe and listen.
  • I will try to create a class that makes you feel nourished and accomplished and inspired.
  • I will silence all notifications on my devices during the time we spend together.
  • If class requires any sort of set up, I will let you know in advance.
  • I will do my best to always keep things fun and from time to time I will try to surprise you. 😀

In return, I would like this commitment from you to our community…

  • Practice like you mean it.
  • Behave just as you would if we were in the flesh together.

Arrange your space for class neatly, in a distraction-free environment, with your mat and props prepared in advance so that your practice space fills the screen.

  • Set small devices to horizontal orientation.
  • Log in with your full name.
  • No eating or drinking or talking or cuddling or sleeping during class.
  • Arrive to class on time or better still, a few minutes early, and stay until the end.
  • Agree to leave your pets and children and significant others in another room.
  • Agree to completely silence your devices, not even vibrate, silence! 😀
  • To the best of your ability, agree to cultivate digital eye contact.
  • Commit to homework assignments and to observe our lessons in your everyday life.
  • Participate in class respectfully.
  • Remember that you are in charge of you, please take direction at your own pace.
  • Speak up about any injuries or concerns as Prashant is super sensitive but not necessarily psychic.
  • Share our class with likeminded people who, just like you, are sincere in their commitment.

Discover the ancient authentic practices includes, Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation many more.


Realize, embrace and accept THE FEELING and experience to live in moment.


Learn to Connect into SILENCE within you 24/7, Be connected in the Silence all the time

I agree to practice like I mean it with Prashant.
Each & Every
Tuesday & Thursday
6:30am-7:30am Miami Time
Fees: $ 165 / Monthly

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