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Dosha Analysis

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Ayurvedic Yoga

Diet & Lifestyle Recomendation

Ayurvedic Cooking / Eating Tips

Ayurvedic Diet / Lifestyle Consultation

Our online / offline consultations are a collaborative, interactive experience with an experienced Ayurveda diet and lifestyle consultant. Prashant transmute ancient healing wisdom into experience the teachings of ancient Yoga and Ayurveda, and customize Yoga therapy programs to treat non-communicable diseases and common ailments specific to modern day lifestyles.

The Method
  • Ayurvedic Constitutional Assessment
  • Know your Prakriti (Born constitution)
  • Balance your Vikriti (Current Imbalance)
Learn Methods to Balance Dosha

A discussion of your health concerns will be translated into an Ayurvedic understanding of the role of each dosha. With that understanding, the underlying Ayurvedic cause (nidan) is identified, the role of the doshas in disease is revealed, and methods of re-establishing balance are deduced from the doshic imbalances presented.

Personalized Guideline

Each consultation or assessment will provide the information needed to generate a set of personalized guidelines, a wellness plan per se, for the client to follow as a roadmap back to wellness. The path is unique based on remedying the most imbalanced dosha involved in one’s imbalance.

Wellness Plan Includes

Ayurveda wellness plan methods include Ayurvedic nutrition, lifestyle, herbal remedies, culinary spices and cooking, home cleansing, Ayurveda psychology, subtle therapies, meditative yoga, mantra healing and more.

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