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Transformation with Prashant Patel
One-on-One Session

applies the science of ancient Yoga, Ayurveda, Tattva, Siddha on an individual basis to improve medical conditions or support the healing transformation process of the body, mind and soul.

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What is included on the Session?

After initial assessment, Prashant will design a custom treatment plan contains counselling, posture, mind, breath, energy training and other exercises such as meditation, relaxation and stretching.

What other
Benefits can I expect?

Benefit from a spiritual empowerment initiation given by Prashant Patel that brings unprecedented power to your physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual capabilities and influence as a meditation practitioner.

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Who should attend?

This program is designed for the student who is keen to uncover the mysteries of his or her own mind and provides an extraordinary opportunity to discover the hidden potential of ancient meditation techniques whose origins date back thousands of years and are derived from ancient and verified traditions.

Master the mind
Other Advantages

Improved mental relationship to any existing health problems


Obtain verifiable improved control over your state of awareness.


Increase the duration of your own mental concentration and develop mental powers.


Learn how to surpassing the mind and reach states of higher consciousness

Special Offers
First Consultation Session
60-90 min Session
Preliminary assessment and Establish diagnosis
Emotional Correction and Yogic Consultation
Posture training (Maintain + increase metabolism)
Meditative Movements (Stretch, Strength, Flexibility)
Life Style modifications and Diet Recommendation Stress Relaxation (Destressing In All Level)
Pranayama (Develop Mindfulness, Body Profiling
Chant + Meditation (Acceptance & Self Analysis)
10 sessions Weekly
60 -90 min Session
Breathing Correction
Ancient Hatha Yoga Flow
Cleansing, Breathing, Meditative Movements
Energy Flow and Activation Practices
Prana, Energy Purification & Channelization, healing transformation process of the body, mind and soul
Diet & Lifestyle Recommendations
Preparation for higher spiritual practices
$5000 (Monthly)
2 Sessions Weekly
90-120 min Session
Understand BREATH & Pranic Movements
Personal Therapy & Yogic Consultation for psychosomatic and Mental ailments
Master The 5 Layer of Existence & Inner Prosperity
Learn Jnana & Bhakti Yoga (Kabir, Bhagwan Gita, Yog Sutra, Shiv Swarodaya, Gherhand Samhita, Hatha Yoga Pradipika , Tantra, Essence of Upanisads)
Step By Step Self Realization, Awakening Guidance
PDF Notes & Videos Included