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What is Yoga Therapy?

In group yoga classes the instructor will guide you through different poses; stretching to warm up, breathing to stimulate the body, postures to increase muscular strength and flexibility, meditation to deepen relaxation and to re energize. It is a holistic approach to strengthen all body functions.

Yoga therapy, on the other hand, applies the entire science of yoga on an individual basis to improve medical conditions or support the healing process of the body.

Yoga therapy has no side effects therefore it can be done at any stage of life making it suitable for children, adults (in their working life) and senior citizens. It provides the knowledge required to live a balanced lifestyle.

What included in Therapy
  • Breathing Correction
  • Energy Purification & Channelization
  • Meditative Yoga Sequence
  • Invoking Sound & Mantra
  • Balancing FIVE Elements
  • Emotional Culturing
  • Diet & Lifestyle Recommendation
Step 1

Before a treatment plan is considered, the therapist conducts a health assessment and establishes a diagnosis.

Step 2

Every session contains counseling, posture training and other exercises such as meditation, relaxation and stretching.

Step 3

The therapist empowers the participant to embark on an active lifestyle of self-care, raising self-awareness and providing a holistic understanding of body and mind.

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