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Beeja (Seed) Mantra
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Healing Mantra

  • AUM or OM
  • GAM
What is Mantra Healing?

Earth and space, space elements is directly connected with ears or sound or hearing part of body, so that’s why sound is directly related with Mantra and is affecting our body tremendously, wonder why sound can be affecting us, In our body 70% of the body is content water, now sound elements can be travel fastest in the water, it means water can affected by sound.

Sound has capability or the power that can directly affect you and go instantly to cell level of the body and also can travel fastest and get affected on cell level, now in that way it can heal your cell it can rejuvenate your cell, it can disturb your cell.

So it is up to you how to use sound the way you want. You want relaxation, you want to heal your self or you want to cure certain pain or disease yourself or just be repaired you can use the different sounds, now sounds travel, Body is sound,

so we have to understand sound, sound is nothing but its vibration or in Yoga we called it Spandan, in science or in English we translate as vibration. Whenever anything is vibrating its generating sound.

Mantra To HEAL

Mantra to heal the people, healing in the sense if you have any physical issue joint problem, lower back problem, heart issues, depression, you have any believe system, phobia, suppress felling or any serious issue or not let go or anything so we used this sound frequency of certain mantra.

Mantra and Frequency

Mantra can be chanted in a certain frequency, if you chant mantra in simple way it won’t affect in your body or won’t affect your pranik body or the manomay body or the mental body.

What is Beeja Mantra AUM?

By Chanting of OM / Other Strotam, Mula Mantra creates a vibration that represents three states of our ordinary consciousness, viz., waking, dream, and deep sleep.

one of the classic beeja mantra is OM. So its sound of AUM. Aakara, Ukara and Makara


Prashant will reveal specific methods of application of Mantrasana to suit the individual suffering from various issues. along with how to awakens the powerful healing vibrations of the healing mantras.

Vedic Mantra Chant

Explore listening and chanting as an integrating experience for body, mind and breath. Simple movement and breathing will be taught to enhance the experience of sitting and chanting

Mantra Healing Process

Healing contains instruction in listening and recitation, using the breath to support the voice, asana and pranayama to prepare for chanting, reading of standard transliteration, Sanskrit pronunciation, and background and meaning of Vedic Chant

Witness instant Change

Vedic Chant can be used to influence desired changes in our body, breath, mind and energetic and emotional sense of well-being.

Chant in Meditation

This integrated practice of chant, movement, breathing, and seated meditation encourages a new depth of experience helping to further our intention and sustain our direction toward meditation is a powerful tool for uncovering and expressing the human spirit.

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